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#125 Dragon NaturallySpeaking
Status Closed (Fixed) Version Build 0
Author mand <mandseasonoutlook.com> Time 15-01-2017 (19:52)
Type Feature Request Vote 3 out of 0 votes
Is Quicknote compatible with Dragon NaturallySpeaking? I (personally) don't need to use voice recognition for menu commands etc, but would like to use it for dictation. I know DNS works with Notepad and Wordpad so maybe it already works with Quicknote?

Looking at the DNS forums, it's compatible with MS Office but took a while to be made compatible with OpenOffice and LibreOffice. It's hard to find out on the Dragon site, better to look at the sites for the various writing software.
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Jens Müller (Admin)

16-01-2017 (19:21)
I assume very much that it is compatible, given Quicknote uses a normal text box.

Just try it and let me know.
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