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#116 Unicode & Dairy & PortableApp
Status Open (Unconfirmed) Version Build 0
Author Jonathan <jtljtlgmail.com> Time 01-03-2014 (05:05)
Type Feature Request Vote 3 out of 0 votes
1. As A PortableApp - I haven't tried yet but if you can design Quicknote to be self-sufficient within its installed folder with the need to look for some other installed file by Windows, then it can be used as a PortableApp as it is.

2. Dairy Feature - Can you made a diary function, similar to MemPad where when you create a Node note named under the current year, by pressing F6 Mempad will auto create a new note with the name " 01 Sat", "02 Sun", etc.

3. Unicode - Can include Unicode in Quicknote like MemPad? I am sure I wouldn't be the only user to feel very grateful if it become unicode enabled as I need to write East Asian language characters sometimes.

Thank you.

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