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#113 Portable App?
Status Open (Unconfirmed) Version Build 0
Author Tim <timnomail.com> Time 27-04-2013 (18:58)
Type Feature Request Vote 3 out of 0 votes
I would like the have this as a portable app. Just let the user choose to store options in the same dir as the program dir.

I will like to have the option to disable the animation. Just open and close as fast as possible.

I would like to have the option to open and close the windows with the same hotkey.

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Jens Müller (Admin)

29-04-2013 (05:07)
Unfortunately changing Quicknote into a portable app is only possible with a lot of effort. However, there is an assistant that allows you to transfer notes, settings and reminders to another computer.

The animation can be disabled in the Options, Interface tab.

You can use the Escape key to close Quicknote.
The wake up hotkey does not close Quicknote when it is open, as it is also useful to put the focus into Quicknote's open window, if the focus is in another application.

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